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Almost simultaneously with Trijicon’s introduction of the RMRcc micro red dot sight, Ed Brown announced the release of their new FX2 pistol – a 1911 fitted with an RMRcc sight. In fact, the company claims that their new pistol is “the first Trijicon RMRcc 1911“. Let’s see what features Ed Brown FX2 pistol packs.

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As Adam Scepaniak mentioned in his review of Trijicon RMRcc, the width of this sight (0.9″) makes it a perfect match for 1911 pattern pistols in that it won’t overhang the slide edges. As you can see in the pictures of the new FX2 pistol, the dimensions of RMRcc are indeed perfect for 1911s flush fitting their slides. In addition to the matching width, the base of RMRcc sight is almost completely buried into the slide of this new Ed Brown pistol which makes a really low profile red dot setup. The Ed Brown FX2 pistol also comes with co-witnessed iron sights consisting of the company’s rear sight that is mounted in front of the RMRcc, and AmeriGlo orange front sight.

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Ed Brown FX2 pistol is available in 9mm or .45 ACP caliber options. It is a Commander size pistol with a 4.25″ barrel. The stainless steel frame has a Bobtail butt and Snakeskin pattern machined on the mainspring housing and the front strap of the grip. The Industrial Stainless finish creates a nice contrast with the black G10 grips, barrel bushing, trigger, and red dot sight. The pistol also features American Flag rear slide serrations, minimalistic front slide serrations, and a flush barrel with recessed crown. The overall length of the gun is 7.75″ and it weighs in at 37 oz with an inserted unloaded magazine. The magazine capacity is 7 rounds. All parts of Ed Brown FX2 are machined and the pistol is hand-built.

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The price of Ed Brown FX2 pistol chambered in .45 ACP is $4,295. The 9mm version costs $100 more – $4,395. These pistols are backed by the company’s Lifetime Warranty.

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Images by Ed Brown Products, Inc., www.edbrown.com

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