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Rational Riot Response: Kenosha Area Gun Sales Skyrocket

Kenosha gun store sales

Kenosha gun store sales

(AP Photo/Keith Srakocic)

TMZ – yes, really, TMZ – reported a significant surge in gun sales in Kenosha, Wisconsin and surrounding areas. That shouldn’t be surprising, really, although considering the gun sales spikes we’ve been seeing nationwide it’s a little startling that they can go up even more. But riots and burning buildings are tend to motivate people.

The first gun store they talked to said their sales have been up since Jacob Blake’s death:

Then, after the Kyle Rittenhouse shootings:

Also worth noting: since this increase in sales is going through FFLs these are all people who can pass a background check. I only mention this because we know there were felons carrying guns illegally during the Kenosha riots.

If you haven’t purchased a firearm and ammo yet, you’re awfully late to the party. It’s still possible, but will likely take you longer to find what you want and cost you considerably more than it would have months earlier. It’s good to see new gun owners, though, and hopefully more than a tiny fraction of the noobs remain gun owners and become Second Amendment advocates over time.

Do you think that more or fewer guns will be sold now that Joe Biden has announced that he’ll leave his basement in order to visit Kenosha tomorrow?

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