When packing for the range, it can oftentimes become a real pain trying to fit all your gear into one or two bags when you have to take out multiple guns for long term testing without packing everything but the kitchen sink. About six months ago I started looking for a new range bag that wouldn’t scream tactical but would be big enough to take a good amount of gear with the ability to stay relatively small.

The problem with large hard Pelican cases is how heavy they can get when they are loaded up with guns, gear and ammo. I started looking for a “do all” range bag from large metal framed bags to regular range bags and landed on the OTTE Gear Range Bag to try out. I ordered 3 different versions to test out and I’ve been using them for the last few months. Let’s dive deeper into the Range Bag from OTTE Gear.


The OTTE Gear Range bag looks like a duffle and tool bag had a crazy tactical love child. When the Range Bag is zipped up, it looks like an ordinary duffle bag and doesn’t look tactical in the slightest. The Range Bag starts to become interesting when you start unzipping it and looking inside. Inside the bag, there’s a number of large zippered pockets for magazines, ammo or anything else you need to pack up for your range day shenanigans. On one side, there’s a large velcro section to attach additional pouches for storage or just have a place to put all your morale patches if you swing that way.

One of the most interesting pieces of the OTTE Gear Range bag is the wired reinforced top zipper to fit as much gear as humanly possible into the bag. It works well and condenses flat when it pushes down which lets the user fill it completely to the top without struggling to zip the bag up. The fairly well padded shoulder strap on OTTE Gear’s Range Bag is supportive under heavy weight which makes it tolerable hauling a 50lbs+ bag around; that’s a big plus in my book. I’ll include the technical specs and features from their website below to give you an idea of its overall size.

– 500D Cordura®
– Wire frame to provide structure at the opening
– Padded side-carry handles to carry like a duffle 
– Detachable/adjustable padded shoulder strap 
– 4 Zippered pockets on exterior
– 3 Zippered pockets on interior
– Large internal loop panel for pouch attachments 
– 24″L x 11″W x 13″T

– MSRP – $235.00 (Black & Grey) $250.00 (Multicam Black)

Everyday Use and Range Time

Depending on what color you pick, the Range Bag can be a really subtle discreet bag for daily use if you have to transport a fair bit of gear on a regular basis. The Multicam black option is a bit more flashy and tends to jump out a bit more to people but if you strictly use it for the range, it’s not a bad option. I’ve used the three bags for various reasons from ammo and gear storage to carrying my plate carrier and range belt daily in my truck.

Now, I fully understand this type of bag may not be for everyone, but for guys who like to consolidate most range gear into one bag, this is definitely one of the better options I’ve used thus far. The four larger pockets on the outside are really nice for carrying handguns and spare magazines if you can only fit a few on your belt at a time. Having that wire reinforcement not only allows you to fill the bag up all the way but keeps it open nicely when the bag is open at the range.

PROs and CONs

Sometimes it’s nice being able to grab things quickly one handed when you’re shooting. If I had to look at the bag and find a problem I would have a couple things to change. Probably the biggest issue for me is not having a velcro strap to keep the carry straps together. I totally understand this is trivial but I think it would be nice to be able to immediately grab the straps and go. The only other small issue is the top zipper can be tough to zip up when the bag is completely full, but I think that is more my fault than the bag’s if I’m honest.

Overall Thoughts

I’ve broken and ruined my fair share of range bags over the years either being abusive or overloading them. Out of all the bags I’ve tried out, the OTTE Gear Range Bag has been one of the best bags to use for overall space while keeping it a compact package. It’s very easy to fit everything you may need into the bag without it feeling large and bulky. The wired zipper on top is nice for keeping the bag open and adding structural rigidity to the entire bag.

My biggest issue with the bag is not having a strap connecting the two carry handle straps and that’s a very small issue so that should give you an idea of how much I enjoy this bag for range trips. If I had to give my final thoughts on this bag, I would say it’s a winner and they did a good job balancing open space inside the Range Bag while keeping it a compact package overall. Let me know what you think of a “do all” range bag in the comments below. If you have questions about the OTTE Gear Range Bag or any firearm related questions, feel free to shoot me a message on my Instagram @fridgeoperator. Stay safe out there!

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