By Patrick Buchanan

My, what a difference a summer can make, especially in 2020. I shared my initial foray into the world of firearms earlier. Later, I shared this reality check when I realized that although I could carry, at the time I didn’t really want to. Many of you were very helpful with great encouragement and some great tips that I put to good use.

Some of you questioned the location and ownership of my reproductive parts, which I found humorous and accepted good naturedly. I’ve learned the gun crowd is supportive to a point, be we’re being fed so much BS these days that the tolerance level isn’t very high. After a tumultuous summer in this country, as a new gun owner, I’ve found that things have changed.

SIG versus GLOCK

The first change I made was to my firearms. Despite it being an amazing looking and performing firearm, I sold the SIG P320. I found it too large and heavy for concealed carry. At this time I needed two EDC guns and I accept that I’ll probably regret that sale later. I replaced it with a GLOCK 48. The GLOCK is thinner and lighter and, as a new gun owner, I thought I should at least broaden my horizons to other brands.

I keep the G48 and the SIG P365 bone stock, with good Kydex holsters. I can carry either one at any time and found that the 3:00 position works best for me.

I can’t say I have a preference for either. They both carry well and shoot well. I took the wife shooting and she found she liked the feel of the GLOCK better, but as I said, I don’t have a preference. Getting my other half involved helped mitigate any concerns she may have had about whether I will carry or not. I will, period.

How to Get the Most Out of Shooting at an Indoor Range


Concealed Carry Clothing

As someone who lives in the south where heat is prevalent, I bemoaned the fact that I might have to add additional layers or even spend a few extra minutes thinking about what I was going to throw on every day. I liked the flexibility of being able to put on some shorts and a T-shirt and hop in the Jeep.

As it turns out, it wasn’t that big a deal, especially when every news feed seemed to mention another riot, another roadblock, another protest, and yet another attack against my rights. Many of you commented that once I got used to it, I’d feel naked without the firearm at your side. You were right.

P365 edc

Courtesy Jeff the Griz

Concealed Carry Every Day

You may recall one of my concerns was bumping into stores and businesses that didn’t allow a firearm. Two things solved that problem: COVID 19, and a great app someone mentioned called Texas3006. I basically didn’t go anywhere for two months except the grocery store and I knew the rules there.

This gave me an easy way to carry and build my confidence. The Texas3006 app shows me where the concealed carry laws (Texas 30.06) and open carry laws (Texas 30.07) apply. Not only can I be prepared, I can choose not to do business with folks that wish to infringe on my constitutional rights.

I now carry confidently wherever I go. I conceal carry easily, have some great guns, and hit the range for tune-ups and practice about every 3-4 weeks. By carrying every day, I’m more aware of my surroundings and make a more conscious effort to stay yellow.

Ready for November

It’s tough to say what will happen after this year’s election. Ammo is already scarce and expensive, but I have some. I have two excellent firearms that I maintain in good condition. I’m not paranoid, but I understand things are changing.

If we go down, we’ll go down protecting ourselves. At that point, my life matters, and that of my family. God help you if you try to take that away. I hope and pray our country doesn’t go the wrong way this November and we can all give 2020 the middle finger on December 31st together, as a nation.

I appreciate the great advice, encouragement, and humor offered in the comments of my previous posts. I hope my EDC journey helps at least one of the millions of new gun owners out there that will all be a part of what defines 2020.






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