Dear, Pride Fund to End Gun Violence, Equality California, and Gays Against Guns Los Angeles (yes GAG…),

On behalf of the millions of responsibly well-armed LGBTQ Americans in this country, f**k you.

You don’t speak for us.

You don’t speak for LGBTQ activism.

You don’t speak for LGBTQ activists.

You don’t know what you’re talking about.

Stop trying to criminalize responsibly well-armed LGBTQ Americans in this country. We reject you and your weak, useless, counterproductive, nonsensical arguments.

We are proud to support the California Rifle and Pistol Association, Firearms Policy Coalition, and the Second Amendment Foundation in opposing the ridiculous, unconstitutional, and immoral criminalization of the tools we carry daily to effectively protect our at-risk lives and our at-risk community.

We are proud to have worked with the Firearms Policy Coalition in submitting our own amicus brief in opposition to the criminalization of STANDARD capacity magazines.

Your pathetic and deplorable attempt to use the Pulse Nightclub massacre to push your astroturfed anti-civil rights agenda is as nauseating as it is inaccurate.

We couldn’t help but notice you failing to mention in your brief how law enforcement waited outside for approximately 2+ hours before entering the building. They protected themselves above all else and left us on our own.

We know that it’s up to us to protect ourselves in the initial moments of an active threat.

We know that there are more firearms in the US than there are human beings.

Our daily carry is a radical act of love for our community, for those we love, and for ourselves, because WE KNOW OUR LIVES ARE WORTH DEFENDING WITH FORCE IF NEEDED.

We understand that Armed Equality is REAL equality.

Armed Equality®
National Pro Self Defense LGBT Civil Rights Group

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