Photo Of The Day – The location is Germany, where we have U.S. Special Forces in combination with Lithuanian National Defence Volunteer Forces (KASP) as they simulate an ambush on armored vehicles with anti-armor weapons.

In the photo below there are National Defence Volunteer Forces (KASP) from Lithuania preparing for a mission alongside U.S. Army SOF soldiers during the exercise AlliedSpirit VIII in Hohenfels, Germany.

The U.S. Special Forces worked alongside Lithuanian KASP throughout the exercise, building teamwork and camaraderie.

Below: A Lithuanian National Defence Volunteer Forces (KASP) Soldier with a Heckler & Koch G36 provides security while U.S. SOF ready equipment in preparation for a mission during AlliedSpirit VIII.

Below: A Lithuanian National Defence Volunteer Forces (KASP) soldier engages a simulated enemy armored vehicle with an anti-armor weapon during Allied Spirit VIII. KASP actively trained alongside U.S. SOF to accomplish mission objectives throughout the exercise. Note the projectile mid-air.

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