“Cleaning my gun – and the truck”

Perhaps most known from the Discovery Channel “Twin Turbos” series Brad DeBerti from Mooresville NC has invented an AR-Foam Cannon that will make washing vehicles fun again. Basically, DeBerti mixed an AR15 with a Renegade Products foam cannon. The end result may make water illegal or at least only available to people in limited quantities, and not in “full auto”.

Below you can see the basic setup. Note the trigger and the safety selector.

I think this AR15 is always in “full auto“.

Washing the Ford truck. You’re kind of cleaning your AR at the same time.

Below you can find the details from DeBerti:

DeBerti AR-Foam Cannon *PRE-ORDER*

Make washing your rig fun again! Now your wife won’t have to nag you to wash the cars with this one of a kind foam cannon. AR15 pressure washer Wand or AR15 Foam Cannon.

Hand built and designed

This can be used as a pressure washer wand or attach the Renegade foam cannon to wash your vehicle.

This foam cannon has many options

-AR foam cannon

-Renegade foam cannon attachment

– Renegade Products Money Shot foam


-Air-soft scope

-Rail hand grip

If ordered we will reach out and work with you to make this Foam Cannon as custom built for you as possible, the original has been sold already. This item is non refundable and will take 3 weeks to build. 

The Worlds Craziest Foam Cannon Pressure Washer – Made from an AR. It takes a while for them to get to the point, but you’ll see a pressure washer get converted into an AR15 Foam Cannon.

The AR15 Foam Cannon can be viewed and bought here: https://deberti.com/products/deberti-ar-foam-cannon. The price is $1,500.00, which will buy you quite a few car washes.

-“I made a clean run!”

You can find more information at: https://www.instagram.com/braddeberti/  and Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/braddeberti/

We’re very curious about what you think. Let the oneliners rip in the comments.

I wonder if this AR15 is legal in Wash-ington?

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