Everytown John Feinblatt

Everytown John Feinblatt

John Feinblatt, president of Everytown for Gun Safety (Photo by: Demis Maryannakis/STAR MAX/IPx via AP)

With the election approaching and racial tensions at a boiling point in many places, it’s important to know what’s happening behind closed doors in some of the “progressive” organizations that are so loudly preaching the gospel of “systemic racism” and bankrolling many who are running for office. One such org is Michael Bloomberg’s gun control operation, Everytown for Gun safety. Let’s take a look at their record, shall we?

Everytown has been vocal in their support for the Black Lives Matter movement since shortly after the death of George Floyd. They’re also supporters the BLM agenda, which is demonstrated by Everytown throwing their name behind some of the police “reforms” that BLM and other “progressives” are calling for.

Everytown also says they want to combat the larger problem of “systemic racism” as noted in this recent press release:

To meaningfully reduce gun violence, we need an actual strategy: one that responds to what local gun violence prevention advocates have made clear will actually help. We must stem the flow of firearms into cities. We must invest in proven, community-led gun violence interventions. And rather than ignoring the systemic racism that has caused gun violence to take a disproportionate toll on Black and Latino communities, we must tackle it head-on, by reversing racist policies, and making broad, sustained investments that expand economic opportunity in the neighborhoods hit hardest by this and so many other public health crises.

They seems pretty committed to social justice, don’t they? There’s just one problem . . .

Within the past few months, researchers on the Mom-At-Arms team began digging around the web looking into Everytown’s own record. It turns out that there are years of documented Everytown employee complaints about racism, sexism, and unfair treatment of minorities within the operation.

Some examples from Glassdoor.com below:

Racism in a Bloomberg-funded organization? That’s hard to believe.

But all of those examples were pre-2020 What about in 2020 world after George Floyd’s death? Well . . .


The disturbing reports aren’t only at Glassdoor, either. Everytown’s reviews at Indeed.com have some interesting tidbits as well, such as this one:

No wonder they spout some of the insane things they do.

It’s instructive to get a look at what happens behind closed doors in these allegedly “progressive” organizations, especially the ones that claim to have all the answers for the ills affecting American society.

Even Illinois Senator Dick Durbin recently got caught up in the Everytown mess (oh darn):

Will Everytown publicly address these numerous accusations by their former and current employees? Probably not. They’ll likely ignore it, just as they have when other inconvenient situations have come to light. Situations like when Shannon Watts used a fake tweet to raise money for Everytown shill Virginia Rep. Abigail Spanberger and smear her challenger, Nick Freitas.

One thing is certain though. Everytown and Moms Demand Action should fix their own issues before hosting splashy events to preach virtue and solutions to others.

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