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The McCloskeys Just Picked Up Their 2020 Christmas Cards and are Trolling Hard

mccloskey christmas card

mccloskey christmas card

Courtesy Defund 2 Abolish and Twitter

Following the armed defense of their St. Louis Central West End home, followed by an appearance at the Republican National Convention, Mark and Patricia McCloskey are probably resigned to the fact by now that every move they make in a public space will be followed and filmed. So it shouldn’t have been a surprise that, as the now infamous couple walked out of a local print shop, they were followed by a foul-mouthed troll who cursed them while recording the momentous event.

The intrepid videographer, who goes by the Twitter handle Defund 2 Abolish, inexplicably chanted “Abolish the suburbs!” at the McCloskeys as they climbed into their Escalade. Well, that was when she wasn’t shouting, “[email protected] you and your gun,” as well as “[email protected] the Central West End.”

We’d point out the fact that the Central West End is well within St. Louis city limits — it’s not in the suburbs — but Defund 2 Abolish probably isn’t a regular reader here.

The best part of of the encounter, though, was when Mark McCloskey took a moment to do a little trolling of his own. He grabbed one of the freshly-minted Christmas cards he just picked up — featuring a photo of the armed couple in front of their impressive home — and handed it to the aspiring suburb-abolisher.

Enjoy (language NSFW):

That card will no doubt be kept in a place of pride in Defund 2 Abolish’s non-suburban home. How many Michael and Patrician McCloskey Halloween costumes do you think we’ll see this year?

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