Illinois Rittenouse criminal complaint

Dean Weingarten wrote a column about the politically-motivated prosecution of Kyle Rittenhouse, the young man who defended himself from multiple attackers in Kenosha, Wisconsin last month. Mr. Weingarten referenced a very interesting document: the Illinois Non-Traffic Complaint under which Rittenhouse was arrested for extradition to Wisconsin.

Illinois Complaint Rittenhouse

Fugitive Justice

Said defendant after having been charged in Kenosha Ct(?)
State of Wisconsin with the offense
of First Degree Intentional Homicide
in violation of Wisconsin Statute a c
opy of such charge (warrant: W261694050)
is is made a part of this complaint by (reference?)
thereto, fled the State of Wisconsin with
the intent to avoid prosecution

that offense

That document, complete with a Wisconsin warrant number is dated “8/26/20.”

Let us look at the timeline.

August 25: Rittenhouse’s use of defensive force
August 26: Rittenhouse turns himself in to Antioch, Illinois police. He is booked and jailed.
August 27: The Wisconsin Criminal Complaint charging Rittenhouse with the referenced First Degree Intentional Homicide is signed and filed.

Wisconsin Rittenhouse Complaint Crop

That date of 8/26/20 on the handwritten Illinois complaint is not just an error. It appears in the computer records as well.

Illinois Rittenhouse Warrant Record

How could Rittenhouse flee from prosecution on a charge that hadn’t yet been entered,  when, according to his attorney, the police instructed him to “keep moving”?

How did the Wisconsin authorities obtain a fugitive warrant before the criminal complaint was filed? An arrest warrant on the homicide charge, sure; but a fugitive? I have been unable to get a copy of that warrant. If someone in Wisconsin who is familiar with the state’s records request process,can do so, I would appreciate it.

When asked for comment on this, Rittenhouse’s attorney, John Pierce, merely stated that he is ensuring that his lead associate is “aware of this discrepancy.

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