The entire shipment of the Type 81 LMG sold out within 12 hours of the launch, but you can trust TFB’s Photo Of The Day to take a look at it if you missed the opportunity to get your own. They were sold by Tactical Imports Corp. (Mississauga, Ontario).

The Type 81 LMG is an infantry support version of the Chinese Type 81 rifle family and is chambered in 7.62×39. This is a non-restricted firearm in Canada and was priced at $1,499.

It was offered with either blued or phosphate finish and supplied with two 5/30 magazines. You can see the optional sling and drum magazine in the top picture.

Here’s how the Type 81 LMG is described on the Tactical Imports’ website:

The Type 81 LMG is an infantry support version of the Type 81 rifle family. The rifle was designed with a number of changes over the standard Type 81 to support its role including:

  • Thicker and longer chrome lined barrel for better retained accuracy during high volume firing
  • Folding integral bi-pod for firing support
  • Front sight moved to the end of the barrel to provide a longer sight radius for added precision
  • Top mounted folding carrying handle
  • Rear stock changed to “club foot” style to allow the user to fire from the prone position more comfortably

The Type 81 LMG has classic looks and is an iconic piece of history. A solid and enjoyable shooter, an asset to any collection. Our first shipment is expected to sell out very quickly.

All photos by Tactical Imports, Mississauga, Ontario.

According to rumors, they will get another shipment before the end of the year (no pre-orders).

I’d love to have one. What about you?

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