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Can You Guess the 5 Most Popular Guns Sold in Your Part of the Country So Far In 2020?

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The National Shooting Sports Foundation has released its Online Sales View report for 2020 through the end of September. The data is provided by and provides a glimpse at what pistols, rifles and shotguns are the biggest sellers this year. You can see the full report here.

One of the more interesting tidbits is the sales data for new guns by region. The data is broken out for four quadrants of the nation and it’s interesting to see what names and firearm types crop up in each part of the country, along with some of the regional variants in the top five biggest sellers.

The northeast is the only quadrant with an AR-15 variant leading in sales.

The south seems pretty unremarkable, except, perhaps for the absence of an AR among the leaders.

SIG SAUER did particularly well in the midwest.

And then there’s the west where a high priced revolver made a surprise appearance among the leaders. Also note the higher price for the GLOCK 19, as well as what looks to be a typo or data error in the price of the SIG P320 here. That G43 price looks low, too.

There’s a ton of interesting data you can sift through should you be interested, but one more part of the report that’s worthy of not is Market Place Insights’ projection of NICS background checks for all of 2020, broken out by handguns, long guns and in total. Enjoy.


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