No, the Heckler & Koch G11 was never field tested on Venus but it kind of looks like it. This is an old picture of G11s with the German Gebirgsjäger (Mountain Rangers), to remind us of what things could have been.

The main tasks of this unit is warfare in extreme weather conditions like arctic, mountain and desert terrain. Contrary to public belief, the HK G11 was never mass-produced. There were only 1000 units made, but in the end, the German Army replaced their HK G3s with the G36 instead.

Now the German Army is looking to replace those G36 rifles as well, but there is nothing as revolutionary as the G11 on the horizon.

For the most recent pictures I’ve seen of the G11, check Jeremy Tremp’s excellent work or the Heckler & Koch’s Gray Room – 2017-2018 Edition.

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