Photo Of The Day and we take a look at Special Operational practice between Hungarian and Slovak soldiers during the Jackal Cave 2020 exercise. My knowledge of the Hungarian language is a bit weak, but the place seems to be called “Újdörögdön”. I’ll leave the pronunciation up to you, but I hope you give it a few tries.

Hungarian and Slovak special operations soldiers are holding a joint exercise in Újdörögd, Ruin City. The main goal of the exercise called Jackal Cave 2020 is to practice activities that can be used to support the execution of tasks by traditional forces.

Slovak SOF soldiers

Below you can see a pretty short carbine and a SOF on the run up the stairs.

Glock 17 sidearms.

SOFs clearing room after room.

Various types of carbines, all with EOTech sights.

Here is a video from the event, don’t miss it. Note that the bad guys all have AKs.

All photos by Péter Snoj. Source.

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