Hi there, and welcome to our Photo Of The Day! Yesterday we hade a well-earned brake, but now we are back! This is the place where we honor outstanding photos from the World of firearms.

It’s not easy to capture a picture like the one above, you need a combination of skill and luck. I’ve only managed to capture the flight of a bullet a few times, and it helps to have the sun incoming.

Shooting on steel targets like this is great, as you get immediate feedback if you hit or miss and can correct your mistakes accordingly.

I’m not sure, but I think the pistol is a PR15 Ragun.

VTac barricades for the carbine training with the FB Beryl.

Machine translated from the 19 Lubelska Brygada Zmechanizowana (19th Lublin Mechanized Brigade):

Another day of the #19LBZ group of sharpshooters
Modern training, awareness of your own potential, the opportunity to work among the best. Sharpshooters, beyond the long range, work their way to working with assault and personal weapons. 


All pictures by 19 Lubelska Brygada Zmechanizowana (Poland).

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