Wesley Hunt is running for Congress in Texas’s 7th congressional district in the northwest area of Houston. He also recently appeared in the ‘Texas Reloaded’ video that got a lot of social media attention.

This exchange, regarding the loss of constitutional rights, took place near the end of the interview (2:21:16). The clip above should start at that point. It is as applicable to gun rights as it is to free speech.

Joe Rogan: I’m just glad that no one’s censored podcasts yet.

Wesley Hunt: I don’t think you’d let that happen, brother.

JR: I’m trying not to, but fuck, man! People get crazy, depending on who gets into…politics, gets into power. Look, there are dictatorships that are currently going on in this world. The idea that that could never happen here is preposterous. Human beings can fall into all sorts of traps. And they have throughout history. We are aware of those traps, and we think, ‘Well, that won’t happen to us.’

WH: We’re always one generation away.

JR: Yes. Or one tragedy away.

WH: Or one tragedy away.

JR: Or one decision that we make to give up rights in order to have safety. And then…boom. Next thing you know, someone’s checking all your emails.

WH: Yep

JR: Guess what, you can’t express an opinion.

– Joe Rogan Experience with US Congress candidate Wesley Hunt

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