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Florida Reloaders Spark a Fire Igniting 100 Pounds of Powder and 10,000 Rounds of Ammunition

venice florida ammunition fire

venice florida ammunition fire


Two people have been hospitalized for burns suffered after touching off a fire, apparently while loading ammunition in a Venice, Florida home.


The home on Sunset Beach Drive was engulfed in flames when fire crews arrived Thursday afternoon.

They reported hearing the pops of exploding ammunition as the fire burned through the house and garage. Nearby residences had to be temporarily evacuated.

The garage is where two people were apparently hand-filling rounds of ammunition when the fire started.

In addition to the powder and ammo, the house also contained tanks of oxygen and acetylene which apparently didn’t blow. It was a dangerous enough situation that neighbors were evacuated and firemen used automated units to douse the flames.

Firefighters got the two-alarm fire under control by using unmanned monitors to spray water on the structure.

We certainly hope the two people who were burned make a full recovery. But if we know our readers at all, we’d guess they’ll be most upset over the loss of 10,000 rounds of ammunition given current prices and availability.

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