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Concealed Carrier Shoots, Kills One of Two Teens Who Tried to Rob Him With a Toy AR-15


Robbing someone on the street is an iffy proposition in any situation. In a country with over 400 million firearms, the chances of your intended victim being armed is getting better every day. That’s a good part of the reason why — until the Pandemic, Black Lives Matter/Antifa riots, and civil unrest combined with the defund-the-police movement — America was experiencing record low violent crime rates.

When two teens looking for some easy cash approached a man in Houston early Friday morning who had just pulled into an apartment complex, they apparently thought they’d intimidate him by carrying a toy AR-15.

They chose…poorly


Deputies arrived and found one teen on top of the wounded one giving CPR. Deputies assisted with CPR and paramedics also came to the scene, but the teenager did not survive.

Deputies later determined the weapon the teens had was actually a toy rifle made to resemble an AR-15.

Oops. That didn’t really go as well as the two teens envisioned.

Texas has about 1.4 million people with concealed carry permits. Oh, and you don’t even need a permission slip in the Lone Star State to carry a gun in your car. So approaching random people with fake firearms hoping to intimidate them into giving up their wallet is a risky business…a business being now conducted by one less young d-bag than last week.

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