Ansley Pacheco gun shooting home invasion

Ansley Pacheco gun shooting home invasion

Courtesy Ansley Pacheco and Inside Edition

Ansley Pacheco is an Instagram model who lives in Hialeah, Florida. Earlier this month, two armed men grabbed a guest who had just pulled into their driveway and then forced their way into Pacheco’s home. The goal was robbery.


Robbers stormed her home, ambushing her husband, friends and her 7-year-old son ambushed at gunpoint.

“You know, they could’ve killed him; they could’ve killed me. They didn’t care at all,” Pacheco said. “We don’t (know who they are), but I really hope they get caught.”

Pacheco heard the intruders enter and then grabbed a handgun.

“While I was in the bathroom, I started to hear the commotion, I started hearing, ‘Get down, get down, give me everything you got,’” she recalled. “I went to the nightstand; I grabbed the gun and I opened the door. I saw one if they (sic) guys face to face with me. He told me to put my gun down. I just shook my head no, and then I said, ‘Don’t shoot me, my son is in here.’”

One of the home invaders shot at her and she returned fire. Here’s security video of what happened:


Fortunately no one was hurt during the exchange of rounds. The two thieves grabbed some jewelry and then took off.

“They finally just ran out,” Pacheco said. “My husband ran and got the gun and shot back at the vehicle that was leaving.”

Not something we would suggest. Shooting at fleeing criminals, no matter what they’ve done, is illegal and opens the defender up to serious charges.

We guess Pacheco’s husband won’t be charged, but either way, this was yet another successful defensive gun use. One of between 600,000 and 2.5 million that take place every year, according to the CDC. Unlike this instance, most DGU’s never involve pulling a trigger.

And if the Biden/Harris team wins in November and gets their way legislatively, defending yourself with a firearm against criminals and other attackers will be significantly more expensive and difficult.



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