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McConaughey: We’ve Lost Our Reverence For Guns and They’re Too Easy to Get

Matthew McConaughey Rogan

Matthew McConaughey Rogan

Courtesy Joe Rogan Experience and YouTube

My brother Rooster has a real good, interesting take on like, you know, gun control. And Texas is a big right to carry state…a gun state. He brought up the samurai sword. How there’s a reverence for it. And I remember how we were brought up.

You got your toy gun and then you got your Daisy one-pump. Until you mastered that, like not turning and ever…if you turned and even though it wasn’t cocked, if it ever aimed at someone…nope. You got the gun taken away from you. You know what I mean? You had to master the Daisy gun first.

And then after years of that, you moved up to the .22. And you had to master that. And you had to make sure it was always unloaded and put back in the case. And you had a reverence for this tool. There’s a long sort of initiation, reverence, before you could move up to a larger gun.

We’ve lost a reverence for that tool. And the samurai sword is a good example cause there’s a reverence for that. There’s an initiation period to get to where you could have that. And that’s one of the places that I lie with the…that it’s too easy to get a gun sometimes. That there should be that background check.

– Matthew McConaughey on The Joe Rogan Experience


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