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ATN’s X-SIGHT LTV 3-9X Ultra Light Day & Night Vision Scope is Every Hunter’s Dream

If you’re a hunter, you need a good scope that will get you the shot you need in any conditions. That means a tough, light weight rifle scope with superior optics. Well what if you could get all of that plus night vision? And then get it all at a price that’s less than many standard hunting optics?

ATN’s X-SIGHT LTV 3-9X rifle scope is everything a hunter needs no matter what — or when — they’ll be hunting. The digital optic offers superior performance in any light conditions and does it at a price point any hunter can afford. The X-SIGHT LTV’s MSRP is only $599.

ATN X-SIGHT LTV 3-9X Ultra Light Day & Night Vision Scope

And don’t worry about durability. The X-SIGHT LTV 3-9X will stand up to the rigors of arduous hunts and lots of rounds down range. Housed in a hardened aluminum alloy, and built using impact-resistant electronics, the X-SIGHT LTV will take anything your rifle and the conditions can dish out.

While the X-SIGHT LTV has incredible capabilities, it features easy-to-use controls with a one-shot zero feature that will save you time and ammunition. And X-Sight LTV scopes are powered by ATN’s revolutionary new Obsidian LT Core that’s optimized for low power consumption — and longer battery life — in a small and ergonomic form factor.

ATN's X-SIGHT LTV 3-9X Ultra Light Day & Night Vision Scope

If you’re hunting varmints or hogs, the X-SIGHT LTV 3-9X ensures you’ll never miss a shot. Whether it’s yotes or hogs you’re hunting, they’ll never see you coming.

ATN's X-SIGHT LTV 3-9X Ultra Light Day & Night Vision Scope

And if superior optics and night vision aren’t enough, the ATN X-SIGHT LTV 3-9X will record your hunt. You can capture that once-in-a-lifetime shot and share it with friends and family.

With all of the incredible capabilities of the X-SIGHT LTV, you owe it to yourself to check it out in more detail. See the incredibly versatile and affordable ATN X-SIGHT LTV 3-9X scope here. You’ll be glad you did.



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