Our gun rights are at stake in this election. Still, even in the face of an “assault weapon” ban, there is something to be done to claw back our rights and keep our ARs. 

You may not read or see it in the mainstream media, but you know the facts: Mayors around the nation are cutting billions from law enforcement budgets.  With thoroughly denigrated, defunded, and demoralized police forces, violent crime rates are soaring.  Because of the deficit in community safety, legal gun ownership has hit record numbers in 2020. Nevertheless, politicians are openly endorsing the confiscation and banning of lawfully purchased firearms.

Just last month, while in full daylight, two Los Angeles Sheriff deputies were ambushed with a handgun. Biden tweeted his response: “Weapons of war have no place in our communities.  We need to ban assault weapons and high capacity magazines.” Rather than blame the criminal, condemn the act, and call for safer streets; we see a political class vilifying law-abiding gun owners and blaming firearms that were not even involved.  In this climate, the facts do not matter.  Unprecedented gun control is the platform, and the AR is the first in line of the semi-automatic rifles these politicians intend to ban.

Kali Key bolt action ar-15 rifle california legal

A product called the Kali Key has set out to protect the AR-15 and AR-10.  The logic behind the Kali Key is simple: If your AR can’t be defined as an “assault weapon,” then you don’t have to worry about laws against “assault weapons.”  The Kali Key was born in California, where the Assault Weapons Control Act already bans pistol grips, forward vertical grips, flash hiders, collapsible/folding stocks, etc.  With the Kali Key, you can keep your AR with every feature you want without having to worry about future laws directed at semi-automatic rifles.  The Kali Key is a true drop-in-solution.  It is easy to install, easy to use and requires no esthetic modifications.

Kali Key bolt action ar-15 rifle california legal

How does it work? The Kali Key sits in place of the gas key and charging handle on any mil-spec AR-15 BCG.  It diverts all gasses outside of the ejection port (not in your face), preventing the semi-automatic cycling of your rifle.  The Kali Key installs with the same ease as replacing a BCG and charging handle.  Just drop it into your rifle – without any modifications to the gas system, milling, or other such alterations – and you now have a straight-pull bolt-action.  Why? Because even laws like H.R. 5717 that ban “assault weapons” nationally (and are already lying in wait for a Democrat presidency) specifically state that bolt-actions are not “assault weapons.”

If you live in Free America, the Kali Key is an appealing option for those who want to hunt with their AR.  The lack of reciprocating mass also improves LRP and could make your suppressed rifle quieter.

Kali Key bolt action ar-15 rifle california legal

The newly introduced GEN2-A1 Kali Key has improved specs and introduces a first-of-its-kind gas blowback capture system designed by Kali Key for suppressed rifles. This system prevents blowback to the shooter and soot collection on optics while shooting suppressed.

Perhaps most importantly, Kali Key has a unique business model: It uses its sales to support grassroots Second Amendment organizations. Kali Key sales have gone to fund Miller v Becerra (the California “AW” ban scheduled for a full trial in January); Duncan v Becerra (the California standard capacity magazine ban that was recently struck down in Federal Court); and other pro-2A efforts. Nobody likes the idea of a compliance product, but the Kali Key is an easy and cost-effective way to keep your AR while simultaneously clawing back our rights.  With Biden stating that “assault weapons” “should be illegal. Period.” this business model is needed today more than ever.

Kali Key bolt action ar-15 rifle california legal

Including both a charging handle and a specialized gas key, at $97.95, the stand-alone Kali Key costs about as much as a Radian or Geissele charging handle.  The Kali Key offers the same high-end build quality and will work with any mil-spec BCG.  If you don’t want to mess with the staking on your factory BCG, Kali Key sells a bundle where a high-quality, black nitride BCG with MPI bolt comes included at near cost – even despite national BCG shortages.  Kali Key also bakes in a discount if you buy the bundle, so getting a Kali Key and BCG in one shot is a compelling option.  As it should be, everything is made in the USA.  Between its pricing structure and the fact that it uses sales to fund Second Amendment causes, Kali Key is the type of company you can feel good about backing.  It is the very definition of a company putting its money where its mouth is.


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