Photo Of The Day – TFB’s daily selection of photographs from around the world. Once again it’s time to show the skills of Gudmundsen Photography and these amazing pictures of a .50 BMG Cadex Defence as the sun is setting.

The weight of this rifle, without optics, is 23.9 lbs or 10,8 kilograms so it must be a bit of a pain to carry to a location like this – unless there’s a parking place just around.

The magazine looks huge.

For more information about the rifle check CDX-50 TREMOR


The CDX- 50 TREMOR®, a 50 caliber Precision rifle built to Military Spec, the rifle is capable of delivering a huge payload accurately while maintaining very manageable recoil. The CDX-50 is a lightweight bolt action rifle that brings new technology to the 50 BMG of years gone by. This is the ultimate extreme range anti-material rifle.

For more amazing shots of this rifle, and the muzzle blast at night, check out the “808 Grain Lehigh Bullet through a .50 BMG Cadex Defence” POTD.

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