Happy Halloween everyone! This is TFB’s Photo Of The Day and it’s time to show off Noveske Rifleworks‘ take on the Honey Badger. Cerakoted in a mysterious pattern by Mister B at Pablo Cerakote you can see the Noveske with and without a suppressor in these images. The sight is a Pulsar Thermion XP50 which is a thermal sight. TFB reviewed it in one of our Friday Night Lights articles. Have you ever tried a thermal sight? Here’s a sample of what it looks like in White Hot mode.

Note the Cookie Monster above the magazine well, hardly visible but always hungry. Although the caption doesn’t mention it, I’m pretty sure this Monster prefers 300 Blackout.

There’s a new version of the Pulsar Thermion just released, for the US market only. It’s called the XG50 and has 3-24 power magnification. It uses the state-of-the-art thermal sensor from BAE, with a 2,400 yards detection range.

Thanks to Mister B at Pablo Cerakote for kind permission to use these images.

What do you think of the build?

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