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Holosun Announces New X2 Series Pistol Optics With Lock Mode

holosun X2 sight

holosun X2 sight

Courtesy Holosun

From Holosun:

Holosun takes pistol optics to a new level with the X2 series. Based on the popular V2 series, new technologies deliver major upgrades that increase control and tactical abilities in the field. The X2 series’ technological advancements are a major advantage for shooters looking for an edge.

The X2 series incorporates updated programming that improves performance and usability. The new Lock Mode is a key feature that prevents unintentional setting changes while the firearm is being carried. The Lock Mode is a critical element of the new design, and it ensures the settings are never inadvertently changed and are duty-ready at any given moment.

Adapted from our 2018-2019 L/M (Law Enforcement Model) pistol optics, Lock Mode has been incorporated with a new button configuration that combines for easier control of settings and prevents unwanted setting changes while carrying.

Holosun X2 red dot sight

Courtesy Holosun

X2 Series pistol optics also feature Holosun’s side mounted battery for painless battery replacement and our Solar Failsafe and Shake Awake technologies (depending on model).

HS507C and HS507K X2 Series are shipping now with all other models rolling out in the coming weeks. For more information visit  or email us at [email protected].

  • HS407C X2
  • HE407C-GR X2
  • HS407CO X2
  • HS507C X2
  • HE507C-GR X2
  • HE508T-RD X2
  • HS407K X2
  • HS507K X2

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