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A Biden Gun-Grab Is Just a Question of Time and Logistics

Joe Biden

Democratic presidential candidate former Vice President Joe Biden shouts, “Don’t forget to vote,” to members of the media as he arrives at New Castle Airport, Monday, Nov. 2, 2020. (AP Photo/Andrew Harnik)

[T]he idea that the AR-15s is a “weapon of war,” or that it is especially dangerous to society, doesn’t stand up to any scrutiny. An AR-15 ban is merely part of the incremental effort to abolish private firearm ownership. Yes, it’s all Democrats support now. But that’s only because it’s all…they can currently get away with. They know that once you can prohibit an AR-15, a rifle with a semi-automatic mechanism, you can ban any gun with a semi-automatic mechanism, which is to say the majority of firearms in the United States.

Democrats have already transformed the constitutional right to bear arms into a government-bequeathed privilege in their states. That is the case in Maryland, New York and many other states, where getting a handgun is already an arduous — and unconstitutional — undertaking. Now they want to confiscate your semi-automatic rifles as well. That’s the goal. It’s just a question of time and logistics.

– David Harsanyi in Biden Makes His Last Appeal to Gun-Grabbers

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