Many of you are somewhat familiar with the Franklin Armory Binary Trigger. It is a clever use of predetermined determinations of what constitutes a “semi-auto” trigger. For those not familiar with a Binary Trigger, it simply allows the shooter to fire a projectile on the pull and release of the trigger. ATF has determined long ago that release triggers are legal and since the Binary Trigger requires two independent manipulations it is legal. Well, Franklin Armory has bundled their BFSIII binary trigger into an entry-level AR-15 rifle and offers the BFSIII M4 for those who are budget minded.

Binary Trigger Inside

Franklin Armory’s BFSIII AR-C1 trigger retails for $429.99 all by itself. The BFSIII M4 retails for $1069.99. That means you get a complete AR-15 rifle for just an additional $640.

The BFSIII M4 comes with the BFSIII AR-C1 trigger already installed for you. Their factory sticker is applied to the selector side of the lower receiver. One added benefit to the BFSIII AR-C1 safety selector is that it is ambidextrous.


The BFSIII M4 rifle is a basic entry-level AR-15. It is optics ready so it does not come with BUIS. It comes with a standard A2 pistol grip and 6 position carbine stock. The handguard is the one upgraded component and it is a free floated M-LOK handguard. The handguard is vented but only has M-LOK slots on the 3, 6, and 9 o’clock positions. On top, it has a full-length Picatinny rail to add any accessory you want.


The barrel is a 16″ LTW contour with a 1:7 twist. The free floated M-LOK handguard is a 15″ FST. The charging handle, pistol grip and stock are all basic carbine parts. The bolt carrier group is also the standard salt bath nitride coated. The BFSIII M4 has a mid-length gas tube and the barrel has an A2 flash hider.

Shooting The BFSIII M4

Getting a good cadence takes practice. The BFSIII AR-C1 does not have any mechanism to prevent hammer follow. So it is possible to pull and release the trigger too fast and release the hammer before the bolt has reset the hammer. But with the right cadence, you can make the BFSIII M4 run fast.

The BFSIII M4 is an entry-level AR-15 and a near blank canvas for adding accessories. Also, you can simply swap uppers and use any upper receiver you have in your collection. Many people think the binary is simply a range toy. While it is a lot of fun and a great way to dispose of ammunition quickly, you can shoot it for controlled pairs. It is the fastest way to get double taps on target. I used the BFSIII M4 lower and my LaRue upper at a local rifle match. I knew there would be some stages that would be “hoser stages” where you run the gun fast at close range targets.

Given the state of ammo at the moment, you can just install a CMMG .22LR conversion bolt and shoot .22LR to your heart’s content.

Final Thoughts On The BFSIII M4

For an entry-level priced AR-15 the BFSIII M4 is a decent bargain. Accuracy is not going to be sub-MOA but it will hit a man-sized target out to 400 yards if you do your part. Since the BFSIII M4 is an AR-15, it is modular and you have the option to upgrade it in the future or swap uppers. You could just as easily caliber convert it like I did with the CMMG .22LR conversion bolt and magazines. The BFSIII AR-C1 trigger is a blast to use. Mag dumps are faster and much more consistent than bump firing. But even if fast mag dumps are not your thing, it is hard to beat the two-shot split on a binary trigger equipped firearm. The cost of the BFSIII M4 is just $1069.99 MSRP. While firearms are at an all time high, in terms of demand, so supply is low, you might be able to find this in your local gun store for less. Assuming they are not price gouging. Right now, Franklin Armory’s website says there is a 16+ week lead time on supplying BFSIII M4s. So if you want one, start looking now.

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