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Mark Robinson Will Be North Carolina’s Next Lieutenant Governor

Mark Robinson

Mark Robinson

Courtesy Mark Robinson for NC

You may not remember Mark Robinson’s name, but you should remember the epic “I am the majority” rant he delivered to the Greensboro, North Carolina city council as they were considering a gun show ban following the Parkland shooting.

The incredibly positive response Robinson received with video of his remarks went viral convinced him to run for North Carolina Lieutenant Governor. On Tuesday, he defeated 25-year government veteran Yvonne Holley to win the seat.


“To come from a poverty-stricken background with all the strikes against me and succeed at this level I think should give every American, no matter what the color, no matter what the gender, hope that they too can succeed in this great place,” Robinson said.

Robinson’s campaign focused on championing the pro-life movement, fighting for workers and job security, defending school choice and protecting the Second Amendment.

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