ODIN Tactical Rifle OTR15 (111)

ODIN Tactical Rifle OTR15 (111)

ODIN Works is well known for making all kinds of firearm parts and accessories with a primary focus on the AR-15 platform. However, they never had a complete AR-pattern rifle in their catalog. Well, they’ve just fixed that by introducing the ODIN Tactical Rifle (OTR15) – a complete AR made by ODIN Works. Let’s see what features they offer in the OTR15 rifle.

ODIN Tactical Rifle OTR15 (2)

Most of the parts used in the OTR15 rifle are made by ODIN Works themselves. The lower receiver is machined in-house out of 7075 billet aluminum and is designed to match the company’s billet upper receiver. The lower receiver is equipped with ODIN Ambidextrous Modular Safety (AMS), ODIN Ambidextrous Bolt Release (ABR), and ODIN Extended Magazine Release (XMR) Gen 3. The 16″ stainless steel match grade barrel has a .223 Wylde chamber and threaded muzzle. As you can see, the rifle has no muzzle device (just a thread protector) and no sights – this can be an issue for those who want a complete solution out of the box, or a feature for those who have their own muzzle device and sights plan and don’t want to pay extra for factory parts that they’ll replace anyways.

ODIN Tactical Rifle OTR15 (4)

The OTR15 has a mid-length gas system and comes with an ODIN Works Tunable Gas Block installed. The rifle also features a 12.5″ ODIN Works MLOK O2 Lite handguard, B5 Systems Type-23 P-Grip pistol grip, B5 Bravo stock, ODIN Works 223 black nitrided BCG, ODIN Extended Charging Handle (XCH), Ambi Sling/QD backplate, 3 oz buffer and stainless steel recoil spring.

ODIN Tactical Rifle OTR15 (5)

ODIN Tactical Rifle OTR15 (3)

Images by ODIN Works, www.odinworks.com

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