A Dutch Special Forces Sniper adjusts his scope at the High Angle Sniper Course in Hochfilzen training area, Austria, September 31st, 2020. The high angle sniper course lasts two weeks and is designed to teach and train sniper teams the necessary skills to operate in mountainous terrain. (U.S. Army photo by Sgt. Patrik Orcutt)

Photo Of The Day: We return to Hochfilzen, Austria, with more pictures from the International Specialty Training Center High Angle Sniper Course. There’s also a much longer video attached and I suggest you watch it first.

Above you can see a Dutch Special Forces Sniper adjusting the scope of his M107A1 Sniper Rifle. You can see more of those in another Photo Of The Day article titled  “And I was in the Darkness and Darkness I Became.”

Below: Greek Special Forces Snipers as the sun is setting.

Darkness – Elevation – Wind. Shooting can be easier. A Belgian Special Forces Sniper just after he pressed the trigger.

A German Special Forces Sniper team engages a target in the dark.

Below: A Greek Special Forces Sniper moves onto the range.

Below: Italian Special Forces Sniper team communicates the location of their target.

There were complaints about the lack of shots taken at an angle, but here’s proof it happened.

All pictures from the U.S. Army, photos and video by Sgt. Patrik Orcutt.

Did you like these photos? You can find many more in this article: NATO Snipers Practicing High-Angle Shooting in Austria.

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