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Gun Grabbers Grasping for Arguments As Americans’ Demand for Firearms Accelerates Post-Election

Texas Gun Sense

Courtesy Texas Gun Sense

America’s civilian disarmament community was already severely stressed as a pandemic and social justice rioting resulted in monthly record gun and ammunition sales. Now, in a post-election environment with a Biden presidency looming, they’re grasping for any argument they can as the demand for the tools of armed self defense are now in even higher demand.

“You have a lot of people who are desperate to feel better, desperate to feel safe in some way,” [Texas Gun Sense] Board President Ed Scruggs said. “So they are reaching out for a firearm. There’s no evidence, first of all, that that’s going to work. I think it’s indicative of the level of anxiousness out there.”

Scruggs said his organization hopes people considering a firearm purchase ask themselves a few key questions.

“Why am I buying this? Am I buying this because it makes me feel better right now, or because I really have a use for it?” he said. “Do you know how to handle it? Can you handle the responsibility to keep it safely stored all the time?”

He went on, “It’s not just something to do haphazardly.”

– Avery Travis in 2020 sets all-time record for FBI firearm background checks amid election, pandemic

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