Do you love photography? Without it, TFB, and TFBTV, would not be the same. We’ve been running our very special Photo Of The Day for years, bringing great photos from around the world and the world of firearms onto the doorstep of the screen you’re looking at right now.

Today we’re looking at the German Bundeswehr in Urban Fighting. As Nitrate gases are released during the explosion required to open the door, the entire exercise is done with an NBC protective mask.

If you have ever worn a mask, you know that it increases the difficulty a lot. Notice that these are short-barreled G36 rifles.

Below: Getting ready to break in. Heckler & Koch G36s with EOTechs and magnifiers.

The soldiers shoot past each other up to an angle of five degrees.

Let’s see…do I double tap the target left or right or both?

Photos by the German Bundeswehr and Carl Schulze.

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