Nighthawk Custom VIP Agent 2 Pistol (2)

Nighthawk Custom VIP Agent 2 Pistol (2)

Nighthawk Custom, in collaboration with Turnbull Restoration and Agency Arms, have introduced a limited edition deluxe 1911 pistol called VIP Agent 2. The color case hardened frames and mammoth ivory grips make the appearance of each VIP Agent 2 pistol unique, as this centuries-old hardening/finishing technique and the fossil material always result in different patterns. The company describes this pistol as “a unique combination of old-world finishing techniques and modern machining, creating a true 21st century heirloom piece!“.

Nighthawk Custom VIP Agent 2 Pistol (3)

Nighthawk Custom VIP Agent 2 Pistol (5)

The Nighthawk Custom VIP Agent 2 is a full/government size pistol chambered in .45 ACP. The forged frame has a lightened accessory rail and high cut front strap. The color of the high polished charcoal blued slide is matched to the color of the similarly finished slide stop, magazine release, and thumb safety. The slide features side windows and Agency Arms front and rear cocking serrations that match the serrations on front and back straps of the grip and on the bump of the beavertail grip safety. The 5″ match grade barrel has a crowned flush-cut muzzle and external flutes on the chamber area. The rear sight is a Heine Ledge black sight and the front sight bead is made of solid 18k gold. The pistol is also equipped with a Nighthawk/Agency custom trigger and one-piece magazine well/mainspring housing. The Nighthawk Custom VIP Agent 2 has an empty weight of 39.6 oz and the following dimensions: height – 5.81″, overall length – 8.59″, pistol width – 1.29″, slide width – 0.92″, sight radius – 6.51″.

Nighthawk Custom VIP Agent 2 Pistol (4)

Nighthawk Custom VIP Agent 2 Pistol (7)

The use of premium materials and time-consuming and labor-intensive manufacturing and finishing techniques are of course reflected in the price of this masterpiece. The Nighthawk Custom VIP Agent 2 is priced at $8,499. I think the companies indeed managed to create quite a unique combination of the old and new. Tell us in the comment section what do you think about this pistol.

Nighthawk Custom VIP Agent 2 Pistol (1)

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