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This is Why Joe Biden’s ‘Shoot Him In The Leg’ Advice Is So Insufferably Stupid

Noted firearms and tactical expert, Joseph Robinette Biden Jr., recently drew on his deep reserves of wisdom and experience to advise police officers that they should really just shoot dangerous suspects in the leg, rather than follow their training and aim for center mass in order to stop a threat.

As the putative President-elect pronounced back in June, knife-wielding perps aren’t really armed, so shooting them in the big parts seems a little harsh. Rather than put a couple of JHPs in the torso, Joe opined that everyone will be much happier and fewer people will wind up on a slab if cops would just pop them in the femur to disable them.

Easy, right?

We’d like to let Slow Joe — sorry, President-elect Slow Joe — know that there are two Rialto, California officers in the video above would beg to differ with that opinion. They were attacked out of the blue on Friday by a knife-wielding man, David Viveros.

The cops struggles to fend him off and tased him twice, to no effect. Finally, after Viveros stabbed one of the cops in the stomach, the other officer shot him.

The cop who took the knife blade to the gut is in the hospital. Viveros is in the morgue. President-elect Biden is staring out a window while meeting with his transition team. And the officer who shot Viveros and the entire city of Rialto are thanking their lucky stars that Viveros was apparently not a member of any protected class.


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