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TTAG Has the Best Readers in the GunBlogosphere

jon wayne taylor federal cci primers


Last month we ran a post about TTAG writer Jon Wayne Taylor as he recovered from surgery after donating a kidney to a fellow vet with end-stage renal failure. He knew he’d have to spend a lot of time taking it easy during the recovery process and was hoping to load a bunch of ammo. He only had one problem…no small pistol primers and no way to get any during the current craziness.

We have nothing but good news since then. The kidney recipient is reportedly doing very well with no signs of rejection. As for JWT, he says the recovery process is going slowly, but he’ll actually be spending this afternoon sitting in a blind at a charity hunt benefitting wounded vets. He can’t hunt yet himself, but he can sit there and shoot the breeze while keeping an eye peeled for whitetail.

On the primer front, a number of our readers were kind enough to send JWT a total of 3200 small pistol primers. Most of them didn’t want their names publicized so we’ll just thank them anonymously here for their thoughtfulness and consideration. We really appreciate it.

The folks at Vista Outdoor also saw our post and generously sent JWT the 5000 Federal and 5000 CCI primers you see in the photo above. So JWT now is well stocked and will be able to keep himself plenty busy as he gets himself back into fighting shape.

Thanks very much to everyone who went out of their way to send primers to Jon at a time when they’re definitely at a premium. We always knew we had the best readers and this just confirms it.


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