Everest.com, the world’s first outdoor lifestyle focused multi-merchant marketplace becomes one of only two online marketplaces to offer streaming entertainment to its customers, which they call Caliber Members. Specifically, CaliberVideo is the streaming component of Everest and has now launched its proprietary streaming platform with over 3,000 titles including movies, documentaries, reality shows and television series.

CaliberVideo content will include, but certainly will not be limited to, streaming content focused on the outdoors, team sports, travel, cooking, and adventure, and will include channels from Outdoor Channel Plus, Gun Talk Media, Panteao Productions, Michael Bane TV, Sporting Classics with Chris Dorsey, and much more. In addition, CaliberVideo is in the process of deal making related to Everest Originals.

The original materials will include the production and development of feature films, documentaries, docu-series, reality shows, animated films and short films. Genres will include historical, war time, outdoors, adventure, action, thriller and more. The first Everest Originals production will premiere in January 2021.

“The creation of CaliberVideo and Everest Originals came from the desire to build a strong community within the Everest marketplace and to provide more value for our Caliber members,” says Bill Voss, CEO/Founder of Everest. “We have developed a marketplace where outdoor enthusiasts can shop hundreds of thousands of outdoor related products while also consuming content in line with their passions and lifestyle.”

CaliberVideo is included for free in every Everest Caliber Membership. Caliber members can watch thousands of hours on CaliberVideo at no additional cost via their web browser and a cutting-edge mobile app, which is launching in the near future. Caliber members will also be able to purchase and download new premieres and exclusive titles not included with the membership.

Voss adds, “CaliberVideo will continually add to its vast library through new producers and content creators, brand partners and user generated content. Our goal is to ensure our audience and members always have a wide array of fresh content available to them. We also want our content producers to feel comfortable that the rug will never be pulled out from under them because of some politically driven decision, as they are currently experiencing on other sites.”


Driven by our Caliber Members, the Everest mission is to create the leading marketplace for the outdoor recreation community – a place where retailers can sell firearms, fishing gear, camping gear, outdoor products and other related consumer items; a place where like-minded consumers can learn, interact, participate and shop. Everest is a community of like-minded, non-discriminating, conservation-loving outdoor living retailers, manufacturers, distributors and consumers.

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