In our Photo Of The Day, we have Russian acrobats armed with AKs. Hopefully, they have all their pockets closed during this performance. We look forward to your best captions in the comments section below.

The photo report below comes from a “tactical exercise” performed by the Russian Marines of Baltic Fleet, located at the Kaliningrad training ground in Khmelevka. We see amphibious hovercrafts and vehicles landing on the beach.

Below: If this is your beach, you’re in trouble.

I think the turrets is an AK-630, which is short for 6 barrels and 30 mm. By the looks of it, it can do a 360 as well. This is the Russian naval close-in weapon system.


Here’s one way of getting entry to windows.

Let there be fire!

And there was fire.

I presume this is the way Russians use Tourniquets. If it works it works, but it’s no C-A-T.

The Circus Kalashnikov also visited Vladivostok in a previous POTD.

We look forward to your best captions to the top picture.

All photos by the Russian Ministry of Defense and Army of Russia.

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