Z-10 Bag Rider

Based in Phoenix, AZ, McMillan Fiberglass Stocks offers aftermarket stocks for a long list of actions. They have offerings for hunting, tactical, and competition applications. Using their popular A-10 stock as a base, McMillan has recently developed and released the Z-10 Bag Rider. So, what’s the difference?

Phoenix, AZ – McMillan® Fiberglass Stocks, the industry leader in precision-driven custom stocks, expands its lineup of ready-to-install fiberglass stocks with the introduction of the new Z-10 Bag Rider.

The Z-10 Bag Rider is based on the company’s popular A-10 tactical stock, which replaces the A-10’s familiar butt hook with a swept butt profile to more easily accommodate rear bags for bench or prone shooting.

The Z-10 Bag Rider – Ride in Style

Z-10 Bag Rider

The swept butt design is said to aid in the use of a rear bag.

As McMillan explained above, the Z-10 Bag Rider utilizes a swept butt profile in order to aid in the use of a rear bag. Having a stock that was specifically designed to accommodate a bag could be a desirable feature to those who use them regularly for work or play. Using a universal inlet design, the Z-10 Bag Rider is made to fit most Remington and Remington clone barreled actions, as well as a variety of barrel contours. Some compatible actions named specifically by McMillan include APA, Bighorn, Defiance, Lone Peak, Stiller, Surgeon, and Ultimatum.

There are both left and right-handed models available. Both the cheek riser height and length of pull are adjustable. The grip is vertical for those who prefer a sharper grip angle. The Z-10 Bag Rider features ambidextrous enhanced thumb shelves. Color options are also plentiful.

Z-10 Bag RiderZ-10 Bag Rider

Those are just a few of the colors and patterns available. If you want to see more, I recommend looking at the Colors and Finishes section on the McMillan website. If you’re interested in seeing more from McMillan, take a look at their Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram.

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