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New From Trinity Nevada: PiRho Sig Sauer P320 Complete Slide

Simultaneously cool, unique, and eye-wateringly expensive, Trinity Nevada’s new PiRho slide for the SIG P320 features a compensator machined directly into the barrel, which is in turn seamlessly integrated into the design of the slide. Without a doubt this is a very slick design, but it comes at a price. Have a number in mind? Okay . . .


It’s $1,645. Or about the price of three GLOCK 19s.

Honestly it’s not an entirely crazy price point considering all of what’s involved here and the fact that it’s a complete, ready-to-shoot slide with sights and optics cut, etc. But . . . dayum.

If you’re on a budget, Trinity Nevada’s GLOCK slides are only $1,445 to $1,495.


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