Photo Of The Day is in honor of the vz. 58 and the CZ 858 and if you haven’t tried one you missed something. My own CZ 858 is a “back to basics” rifle, to remind me that shooting is difficult and that you have to watch the iron sights and the recoil and “do it right” or you’ll miss. It’s also fun to have a rifle where you can buy ammunition in strange cans.

The vz. 58 is chambered in 7.62×39mm and it was designed and manufactured in Czechoslovakia.

These pictures are of Slovakian and Spanish soldiers from eFP BG Latvia, doing urban operations training.

This live-fire exercise took place in the Aluskne training area in Latvia.

The paratrooper stock, seen below, is a challenge to shoot with but makes the CZ 858 very compact when it’s folded. I’m told the traditional stock makes it much easier to shoot.

All pictures eFP BG Latvia – NATO enhanced Forward Presence Battle Group Latvia.

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