check book checkbook gun finances

check book checkbook gun finances

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Here’s a little thought experiment. To be clear, I’m not proposing that this actually be done, but it might be worth discussing it with anti-2A types. It also makes a good talking point.

No doubt you recall the Obama administration order that magically — without adjudication — made some Social Security recipients prohibited persons. Notably it affected those who could not manage their own finances. Gropin’ Joe Biden wants to revive that gun ban (among others).

Despite the election mess (remember the good old days when they just fought over whether voters were too stupid to follow the arrows on a “butterfly ballot” or to punch a card?), it seems at least likely that Biden (or Harris) will be the next President. Personally, I don’t see the same courts that authorized bureaucrats to violate election laws after the voting started doing anything to reverse the outcome of the chaos and fraud they enabled.

So imagine a President Biden (or Harris) in office and signing an order to the effect that ifyou’re too stupid or incompetent to balance a check book, you’re not competent enough to have a gun and make the decision of whether someone needs shooting.

Now imagine to whom that finding might extend.

We allegedly have a sudent loan crisis. Too damned many students and their parents parents took out loans they now cannot repay. How stupid is that?

I never finished college. After my scholarship ran out, it never occurred to me to do something as nuts as take out a massive loan with a payment plan my potential earnings couldn’t cover. And I wasn’t so mentally deficient as to even consider asking my parents to assume such a debt. So I hit upon the plan of enlisting in the Air Force and using tuition assistance to gradually work towards a degree while earning a living.

In practice, even correspondence courses proved problematical when assigned to remote mountaintops where mail came in via the occasional C-130 to a point where a truck could pick it up. In the end, out in the civilian world, I earned enough that a degree no longer seemed necessary. Certainly not necessary enough to take out an insane, unpayable loan. Because I am not crazy.

Discuss this with gun control proponents. Tell them Biden’s (or Harris) plan to take away 2A rights from those unable to manage their finances doesn’t go far enough. Tell them it should include those so fiscally and/or mentally incompetent that they caused an alleged national crisis ($1.6 trillion and counting) can’t be trusted with guns either.

Can you really trust a bankrupt part-time barista with hundreds of thousands in debt and a degree in social justice intersectional grievance studies to make wise choice with a firearm? Tell them that anyone applying for student debt relief should also lose their gun rights, and see what happens.

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