With a Biden administration just a couple of months away, the media appear to be helping push one of candidate Biden’s gun control agenda items — a ban on the sale of guns and gun parts via the internet. And they’re focusing on cheap Chinese illegal full-auto switches along with “fuel filters” and solvent traps that are thinly disguised suppressors

News outlet WCVB reports that “illegal, deadly firearms” are “just a click away” in Massachusetts, and they have Homeland Security to back them up:

Massachusetts has some of the strictest gun laws in the country, but those laws are doing little to stop the purchase of firearms accessories that can be easily turned into illegal silencers or be used to turn certain handguns into machine guns.

The silencers are being sold as fuel filters or solvent filters and typically are shipped from China, according to David Magdycz, acting special agent in charge for Homeland Security Investigations in Boston.

But when investigators visit the homes where the fuel filters have been delivered, they have never found them to be used as anything but illegal silencers.

“We’ve found no legitimate use for these suppressors or these silencers, ever. We’ve never gone to a residence and had them show us exactly what they attach to or how they’re used as an oil filter or a solvent filter,” Magdycz said.

Then there are the handguns being turned into machine guns…

Trigger switches turn a Glock handgun from a semi-automatic firearm, which fires one bullet every time the trigger is pulled, into an automatic weapon, rapidly firing bullets with one pull of the trigger.

A machine gun is “incredibly dangerous,” Magdycz said.

And, of course, there are the “ghost guns“:

Ghost guns are bought as kits which, because they’re not considered firearms by the federal government, don’t require a gun license to buy. But with as little as 30 minutes of work and household tools, the kits can be turned into working firearms.

The guns by law must then be registered, but since they’re sold without serial numbers, anyone willing to break the law can have a working firearm without undergoing a background check or registering the weapon with the government.

Okay, so are we speaking in generalities here regarding 80 percent lowers? Do we not understand the law? Of course not, we’re dealing with the media here.

Imagine if you were on the outside looking in. You know nothing about firearms or builds. Would the premise of this article scare you? Seems highly likely. And that’s the intent.

Side note on solvent traps: quite a few gun people have noticed a recent upswing in social media ads for solvent traps. Whether this is just a wild and crazy cosmic coincidence or a sting operation underway by the ATF, who knows, but it does seem…interesting…that we’re all seeing these in our feeds. For sale, cheap.


My suggestion: don’t break the law. And in order to not break the law you have to know the law (the media should not be your main source of information for said laws, either). Do your own research. Familiarize yourself with firearm laws. And avoid questionable knock-off crap from China.

How well do you know your local and federal gun laws?

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