Last year B&T won the new Sub Compact Weapon contract in competition with five other companies, with an initial order for 350 APC9K semi-automatic carbines. The United States Air Force is the next service to add the B&T APC9K to its list of firearms. They have ordered 65 pieces of 9×19 mm carbines with magazines and associated spare parts from B&T USA in Tampa, Florida. It’s not known which configuration the APC9 will be in, but supposedly the APC9K PRO version.

The contract is called “Prototype Opportunity Notice (PON) for Sub Compact Weapon (SCW) System” which may indicate that this is an initial order for evaluation, with a potential for more. The value of the contract is $128,300. All the details of the contract are available here.

APC stands for Advanced Police Carbine. You can find the background of the development here (

It is likely, but not mentioned or confirmed, that the new B&T APC9Ks will end up with the security personnel of the U.S. Air Force and that they may be replacing their existing Heckler & Koch MP5s.

About B&T

B&T AG (formerly known as Brügger & Thomet AG) is a privately owned company located in Thun Switzerland that specializes in the production of small arms, sound suppressors, weapon upgrades systems and accessories. With its current product range, the company meets the needs of many police agencies, intelligence services, military units and special units the world over. Since its foundation in 1991, B&T’s guiding principle has been innovative product development driven by close contact with the end-user. Behind this development is an efficient production capacity to manufacture and fill all orders in a timely and efficient manner regardless of size. This capacity combines both the highest quality material and exacting precision. This comes as second nature in Switzerland.

The Miami Beach Police Department is another user of the B&T APC9K.

As a coincidence, before finding out about this contract, I had just been to the shooting range with my own APC9K Pro. It’s a great gun and I can only congratulate the Air Force on their choice. The integral hydraulic buffer makes it really smooth to shoot.

You can find B&T USA here:

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