Is this kind of aiming system for the AR15 like putting Pineapple on a pizza? With over 650 comments on their Facebook post, Toni Systems sure got a lot of feedback to work with. This is the topic for TFB’s rather unusual Photo Of The Day, and we look forward to any feedback our readers can give in our comments section below.

Many of you have asked us about our #AR15 aiming system.

The sight ribs allow a fast acquisition of the target. One has 1.0mm fiber sights for long range shooting, while the other one has 1.5mm fiber for short range shooting.

By simply turning the rifle you can aim quickly in different situations

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About Toni Systems:

We are an Italian company that, since 2004, produces high quality firearm accessories and components for most of the weapons present on the market.

You can find their AR15 page here:

We look forward to your comments and feedback below.

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