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Frankly, without a SHOT Show Gundies party this year and the booze that I can only assume flows freely there, my motivation to win a 2021 award is severely depressed. But it isn’t so low that I won’t shamelessly request your votes. Please click HERE and vote for me, Jeremy S., for “Influencer Turned Entrepreneur.”

Presumably I was nominated for this because:

As you’re likely aware, I’ve been writing for TTAG since late 2012 and have been Testing & Reviews Editor for many years, recently becoming Editor or Deputy Editor or some such thing.

While I really dislike the term “influencer,” obviously I’ve been on the media side of the industry for quite a while focusing on in-depth gun and gear reviews, posting to TTAG’s Instagram feed, mostly ignoring my crappy YouTube channel (though it’s close to 50k subscribers now, so there are some masochists out there with nothing better to do), and sometimes acting as the worst gun bunny perhaps ever.

In 2019, Chris H. and I launched Black Collar Arms. So now I’m also on the other side of the firearm industry as a manufacturer, running and attempting to grow this little, bootstrapped start-up.

So, “Influencer Turned Entrepreneur?” It’s fair to say I’m at least giving it a go. Now that I’ve been nominated for The Gundies Awards I hope at least not to embarrass myself, so I’d appreciate your vote (or votes? You may be able to vote multiple times on different days).


Next Post Coming Soon…▶

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