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A few of weeks back, California refugee Joe Rogan had Alex Jones on his titanically popular podcast. It’s an entertaining listen (or watch, if you prefer the video). Returning the favor, Rogan made a recent appearance on Jones’ InfoWars show.

During Rogan’s appearance, Jones welcomed Rogan to Austin with by giving him a box of cigars and a rifle. Because Texans are neighborly that way. And Jones knows Rogan’s a passionate elk hunter (though he usually hunts with a bow).

The rifle is a Falkor Defense Petra 300 Win Mag which should provide the comedian/podcaster with plenty of good times on the range and in the field.

The gift, however, wasn’t popular with everyone. This is, after all, 2020. One of the decripit left wing advocacy org Media Matters’ pinch-faced Karens, someone named Timothy Johnson, witnessed the gift. He clutched his pearls, sniffed his smelling salts and then took to Twitter . . .

We’ve only seen the tweeted clipped portion of the interview, and yes, there appears to be a glass of brown liquor in front of Rogan, but neither Austinite appears to be impaired in any way.

The good news is giving a firearm as a gift is perfectly legal here in the Lone Star State, whether Media Matters likes it or not. Jones was thoughtful enough to include a few loaded magazines and at least one box of ammo to go along with the rifle, since gun food is hard to come by these days.

We’d guess Rogan couldn’t give a flying fornication what Timmy from Media Matters thinks and will hopefully get many hours of fun and good use out of the Petra (assuming he can get his hands on more ammunition).

Timothy Johnson Media Matters
Timothy Johnson (Courtesy Twitter)

As for Johnson, if he ever pulls the stick out of his rectal region and comes to Austin (no doubt to attend a SXSW symposium, if it survives), we’d be happy to give him a rifle, too, just so he won’t feel left out. Because Texans are neighborly that way.



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