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Allegheny County Backs Down, Will Reopen Firearms Division Offices Again Monday

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Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, which includes the city of Pittsburgh, became yet another jurisdiction to use the Chinese flu pandemic as an excuse to shutter its office that takes and processes concealed carry permits last month. Upholding Pennsylvanians’ civil rights apparently weren’t considered essential services.

In response, the Firearms Policy Coalition sued Allegheny County Sheriff William Mullen and others alleging violation of Second and Fourteenth Amendment rights. Yesterday, however, the Sheriff and the county backed down, announcing that they’d reopen the county Firearms Division again on Monday.

in other words . . .

It was all apparently just a silly misunderstanding. One that took filing a federal lawsuit to resolve. Congrats to the Firearms Policy Coalition and Allegheny county residents who will once again be able to fully exercise their right to keep and bear arms.


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