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The message from the Portuguese Navy (machine-translated):

The Force that comes from the sea has no limits!

The Marine Force, which is part of a team of Sapper Divers, of the Portuguese Navy, maintains intense operational activity within the framework of NATO reassurance measures in Lithuania.

In recent weeks, a heavy-gun shooting training was conducted at the Rukla Shooting Range, shooting and combat training in real-fire built-up areas, the Pabradé exercise area, and a team explosive device inactivation exercise. of Sapper Divers.

During this last exercise, the Portuguese Divers team also carried out the inactivation of a World War II German maritime mine, which was in the Baltic Sea, at the entrance to the port of Klaipéda in Lithuania.

Below: The Portuguese NAVY joined the Swedish Army and Home Guard in bringing eternal life to the Heckler & Koch G3 by buying the Spuhr Upgrade Kit for their service rifles, although these rifles don’t seem to have the upgrade yet.

Shooting some 40 mm grenades.

And mortars.

Hungry for more? Check the Portuguese Special Forces and some of their Firearms.

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