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Yes, everyone could use some good news these days. Today it comes from near New Orleans, where a man defended his home and four-year-old little girl against four masked home invaders. When the smoke cleared, he shot all four of them, killing two. Sadly, his little girl was wounded in the attack, but she’s expected to live.

According to neighbors, several dozen emergency vehicles responded. Those same neighbors felt great angst when they heard that the little girl was wounded. They expressed great relief when they learned that she did well in surgery and will likely survive.

Fox8, WVUE, has the story.

St. Tammany sheriff’s deputies are investigating a double homicide in Lacombe in which two of four of the armed intruders were killed. The homeowner’s four-year-old daughter was also struck by a bullet in the crossfire.

It is a tight-knit community here on Palmer Drive where everyone is either related or has known each other for years and many are stunned by what happened here on Tuesday.

Police say four armed intruders entered the home at the end of Palmer Drive at around 10 a.m. and all four wound up being shot by the homeowner leaving two of them are dead.

The St. Tammany Coroner’s office has identified the deceased as 25-year-old Renard Causey Jr. and 21-year-old Justin Hill, of Hammond. The homeowner’s four-year-old daughter was also apparently struck in the crossfire.

A relative tells us that the homeowner may have been pistol-whipped before he fired at the intruders. Neighbors say they waited 24 hours to learn about the shooting.

The homeowner was pistol-whipped before fighting back? Seems like the prescription for that is home carry. It’s hard to pistol-whip an armed individual.

We wish the little girl a full and speedy recovery.

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