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The KelTec KSG is the Ultimate Home Defense Gun

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It’s more important than ever now to have a reliable, powerful home defense firearm that’s there when you need it most. That’s why the innovative KelTec KSG is the perfect choice when the situation calls for a tactical shotgun with plenty of capacity.

With its compact, efficient bullpup design, the KSG is enough gun to handle any threat.  Chambered for 3-inch shells, the pump-action KSG’s unique dual magazine tubes hold an amazing 12+1 rounds. Loaded with 2¾-inch shells, the KSG will pack a whopping 14+1 rounds of personal defense firepower.

Pump-action shotguns have stood the test of time because of their proven reliability. Eliminating variables such as gas systems is particularly important in a defensive shotgun. The KelTec KSG’s smooth pump-action puts proven reliability in the hands of the user.

And best of all, the KSG’s patented downward ejection means this is a truly ambidextrous shotgun. With the pump release conveniently located just in front of the trigger guard and a cross bolt safety, everyone — lefty or righty — will love the KSG’s ergonomics.

So when you’re ready to upgrade to a pump-action shotgun that’s compact, maneuverable and has more capacity than anything else that fires buckshot, check out the KelTec KSG shotgun at a retailer near you. And prepare to be impressed.

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